DigitMX DMX-HDM1500 DVB-T Full HD Modulator


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  • Type: Digital
  • Input Channels: Single
  • Output: 100db
  • HDMI input: Yes
  • Display: Yes
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DigitMX HDM1500 DVB-T Full HD modulator converts the HDMI signal from your audio video devices to RF signal for distribution to many TVs around your house or business.


Modulation: DVB-T
Constellation: 64QAM
Bandwidth: 6 / 7 / 8 MHz
Carriers: 8K
Guard Interval: 1/32
Code Rate: 7/8
MER: 35 dB
Frequency Range: 50 ~ 860 MHz
RF Level: 70 ~ 100 dBuV
Output Impedance: 75Ω
Compression: H.264 – bitrate 5-15 Mb/s
Video Resolutions supporter: 1920*1080_60P, 1920*1080_50P; 1920*1080_60i, 1920*1080_50i; 1280*720_60p, 1280*720_50P
Connector: HDMI
Power Source: DC 12V / 1.5A
Operating Temperature: 0 ~ +50°C
Dimensions: 125mm(L) × 100mm(W) × 28mm(H)

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